The EU recently released new rules regarding data privacy which come into effect May 25th, 2018. Regardless of location, any website must now comply.


David's Bird Photography website is for information only; no transactions are conducted on this website; this website does not contain any data collection forms.


Privacy Policy


This website does not collect any data in any shape or form. This website does not need to collect any data,  has no means installed of collecting data, does therefore not retain any data, nor share any data with anyone, and there is therefore no data for anyone to access, change or delete. It is a visitor’s choice to visit or not. All the information on this website is for entertainment only.


Terms of Service


You may use this website as a visitor to inform yourself of bird photography by David Irwin.

Visitors may not copy any part of it for their own use, unless consent of website author has been given. Contact link see below.  Apart from the images and texts displayed on this website, it links to commercial websites like and for books and products connected to art and photography. Terms of Services of those commercial websites apply when you visit them. This website is not responsible for content, privacy policy, terms of service or other legalities of any external websites this website links to.

GDPR requires an age of consent of 16. So, if you’re not sixteen, ask your parents to assist you.


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